Provided by Edinburgh Napier University and supported by UCSS

The Universities and Colleges of Scotland are well advanced in recognising the value of Virtual Learning Environments, and anticipate that this element of their offering is likely to grow in importance in the coming years. Professional levels of uptime, turn-around of change requests, security, incident management are costly and inefficient to run individually, and if sub-optimal will negatively impact the student experience. The recurring technical challenges faced by each institution (how to automate registration or integration with Active Directory, Office 365, Student Records etc.) also provide areas where a Shared Service can offer efficiencies and expertise.

Why Now?

  • Identified Appetite and Demand from IS Leads in institutions when preparing the ISSC's 'Scottish HE FE Enhancement Plan'
  • With two thirds of institutions using Moodle within the sector there is an obvious opportunity to work together to enhance the student experience by improving the quality and availability of Moodle
  • Existing, tried-and-tested, Moodle managed service already up and running

Why Shared Service?

  • With the very nature of Moodle being Open Source it provides an opportunity for institutions to participate in a service that would provide clear benefits by working together to provide stronger reliability, sustainability, resilience and the enhancing of the student experience
  • Provisioning a Shared Service can significantly reduce costs i.e. servers, maintenance, power efficiency etc.
  • Opportunity to provide Optimised support to ensure maximum availability of an institution's Moodle
  • Specialist skills are needed to support Moodle

Hosted Moodle Service

  • Provided by Edinburgh Napier University and supported by UCSS
  • Priced at actual cost
  • Fully managed Moodle Service - Created from Sectoral Best Practice Model
  • Fully managed Mahara e-portfolio Service
  • Securely hosted, backed-up and maintained
  • Fully Managed Software Upgrades including patches and bug fixes
  • Administration Control - Client has full control of the management of courses, tutors, students and learning activities
  • MIS Integration - integration of Moodle with your institution's MIS
  • Technical Support and advisory service on all aspects of your Moodle Environment
  • Access to your own individual Moodle Testing Environment
  • Overseen by a Steering Group from all participating institutions

For more information please contact James Blair or Norice Bain at:

James Blair
Head of Applications - Edinburgh Napier Univerisity
Telephone: 0131 455 4288

Norice Bain
Collaboration Manager
Telephone: 0131 442 8952